Paul Heppell – 20/20 Q&A

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Paul Heppell was up next answering our 20/20 questions.

Paul is a true clubman, high in loyalty (minus the couple of years he played elsewhere), less so in cricketing talent!

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20/20 Questions

Nickname? Hepps (imaginatively bestowed upon me by Fishy)
Role in the team? Vibes / motivator / lifestyle guru and influencer
Best performance? 27* and 2 catches
Plays cricket like? An over enthusiastic toddler whose eaten all the blue smarties
Cricket hero? Viv Richards
Best cricket tea? Ashley CC
A Sledger? Normally the butt of the sledge! Although when I took my first wicket for 32 years I gave that batsman right send off, he was about 14 and about 5 foot 4!
Which football team do you support? Liverpool
Favourite Papa John’s Pizza? The Works, thin crust, extra olives
Favourite Blue Nile Curry? Persian Biryani
Favourite Pimlotts BBQ food? Lamb burgers
Lookalike? Due to the lockdown I’ve got the hair of Prince Charming from Shrek and the body of Shrek
Celebrity crush? Naomi Harris (Miss Moneypenny)
Favourite Chrome Motors Car? Mercedes M-series
Dream Holiday? Caribbean
Favourite film? Depends on my mood, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, Saving Private Ryan, Skyfall, Pulp Fiction, Lawrence of Arabia, Goodfellas, Shawshank Redemption, Die Hard, Allen’s
Retiring to? Llanfaelog on Anglesey (if we’re ever allowed back)
Other languages? I can order a beer in 17 different languages and sing who ate all the pies in German but otherwise no
Worst lockdown habit?? Too much food and booze in the garden
First task after lockdown? Haircut and then reduce the £33 balance on my CHCC membership card in the Grove Park clubhouse

Next Up

Next up on Wednesday we have Paul Brogan who is sponsored by Distinct Motors