Martin Losse 26/11/44 – 16/03/20

The Passing of Our President Martin Losse 26.11.44 to 16.3.2020

The current global situation has deprived the membership of the Club the opportunity to come together to pay our final respects to Martin, our Club President since December 2017, at a time when the rugby season was coming to a close and cricket should be about to start, we send our condolences to his wife, Angela, their children Claire, Eleanor and Nick and the whole family at their sad loss.

Normally we should have been able to give thanks for his friendship and the contributions he made to the management and running of the Club as well as share our memories of his friendship. Martin was an accomplished and conscientious Club Secretary for several years, Chairman of Cricket and latterly appointed our President.

Martin passed away peacefully at home with his family around him. He had fought for over a year against the cancer that finally proved too much. He always wanted reports on the rugby matches he was unable to attend and was looking forward to the summer game that brought him to the Club. Though retired he would turn out when needed for one of the cricket teams. Turning too when needed was a hallmark of Martin’s character, his willingness to help out.

When looking for someone to fill the secretarial role of the Club, Martin obliged, a role he filled with great skill using his professional skills as a Human Resources specialist to the benefit of the Club through trying times. He was always such a gentleman.

Not only did he have a prominent role on the Executive committee but when called he stepped in to Chair Cricket.

The time and efforts he made working with the accountant and others helped enable the Club to be in a position to weather the pandemic and once again play our sports on the pitches and courts of the Club where other amateur clubs are likely to fold.

Martin’s wife Angela together with their family have thanked members for keeping in touch with Martin when he was unable to come down to the Club and tells us that he was particularly moved by the card signed by the first rugby team telling Martin that they were “going for the league title”. Sadly Martin passed away before that honour was gained by the team. It is Angela’s hope that we will meet at the Club in better times to remember Martin, share our memories, be pleased that he touched our lives and to thank him for the significant contributions he made to MFC, CHCC & GPS.

We salute you and thank you Martin