Roller Refurbishment

It’s been a busy winter at Cheadle Hulme Cricket Club with the committee working hard to ensure the club continues to improve the offering it can make for it’s members. We’ve received grants to buy a new portable net, coaching equipment and improve the catering facilities at the club. We also made a little marketing campaign on social media with the help from in order to attract new members. Our next big project was trying to get our roller refurbished. Our current roller was over 50 years old and was incapable of being maintained without incurring great expense. The roller can no longer move in reverse gear anymore which was making the preparation of wickets a longer process due to the speed of the roller and the size of the turning circle required. It also used an old diesel engine which was both inefficient and not environmentally friendly.

Ed Lindsey, our sponsorship secretary has produced a brilliant handbook which has helped to cover the cost of refurbishing the roller and it is now looking like brand new! It has been sandblasted, repainted, had a new engine and all the defective parts replaced.