Medical School Graduation Ideas

Medical School Graduation Ideas

CakesWhite coat. There are so many fun details that you can include on this cake including a stethoscope, residency program name, Rx, and Dr. _____ label. Many people choose to personalize the dress shirt or other garment under the coat as well, including a necktie for guys. Consider including additional medical items, such as a syringe, as well as a “congrats” message. Additionally, consider customizing this as surgical scrubs for medical students going into surgical residencies.

Pill bottle and drugs theme. This one may not be for the faint of heart, but it’s another popular medical theme. Adorn a cake with prescription pill bottles spilling over with assorted pills. Stick a few Band Aids to the sides of the cake for good measure, too. human heart, brain). This is another theme that may not be for the faint of heart but is plenty appropriate for a med school graduation.

Operation game. While Operation has very little to do with medical school and the practice of medicine, it will get a smile out of everyone. Red velvet cake seems to be a frequent choice for the cake.

Other DessertsMedical items cupcakes. Cupcakes are a perfect size for all kinds of different medical items including Band Aids, prescription pads, pills, stethoscopes, other medical gear (knee hammer, thermometer, syringe, etc.), reference books, and lab coats. Keep it simple with one item for all of your cupcakes or mix it up and include a variety of items for your batch.

Brain cupcakes. It will take a couple tries to get the frosting technique down to create brains, but it will be well worth it.

Shaped and frosted cookies. There are a number of medically themed cookie cutters available online. Frost your baked cookies accordingly.

Medical staff cake pops. Jump on the cake pop trend and decorate your pops as surgeons, internal medicine doctors, and nurses.

Don’t forget to include a card with your gift!

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GiftsA nice watch. Many people do not purchase nice watches themselves. At the point that students are finishing med school, this is an item that has most likely not been a priority. If you need advice about what kind of watch the recipient would prefer, consult a close family member or friend.

High end medical bag. A professional medical bag adds a great touch to an outfit or an office for both men and women.

Professional clothing. Most medical students will have a decent selection of professional clothing from their student rotations, but who can’t use a few new pieces?

Keep Calm I’m The Doctor gear. For those who enjoy Doctor Who, this is a really fun gift idea. You’ll find iPhone cases, t shirts, fake id jewelry, magnets, and much more with this phrase. Don’t forget to check out

Trust Me I’m a Doctor gear. This is another popular doctor phrase that you can find on numerous types of gear.

Caduceus themed items. There are many items out there that feature the caduceus including both professional and funny items.

Profession specific gear. surgery, dermatology, etc.).

Gift related to the residency location. Many people complete their residencies in different locations than their medical schools and will be moving shortly after graduation. Consider giving restaurant gift certificates. zoo), and maps.

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med school graduation party ideas no, i did not graduate from med school. no, i don’t like science. no, i will never be a doctor. my friend ashley, on the other handGraduations and Graduation Parties: How to Save Money

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