sign off from fake

sign off from fake

NEW YORK >> After more than 16 years and nearly 2,600 telecasts, Jon Stewart can feel proud of his scads of Emmys and his pair of Peabody Awards, his cultural gravitas (he hung with the Prez, both on and off the air!), even his reprobate status at Fox News.

Who could blame him for wanting to depart Daily Show on this high note?

Besides, maybe it had gotten too easy. By June, when Donald Trump jumped into the presidential race, a giddy Stewart framed this jest alluring candidacy as Trump going away gift to him, me in some sort of comedy hospice where all I getting is straight morphine.

like keeping up with the news, he told The Associated Press at the time, though I think it gotten so out of control. fake id But that what I like about Daily Show It like checks and balances.

think of us as turd miners, he said. put on my helmet, I go and mine turds. Hopefully I don get turd lung disease.

But as Daily Show aped the bombast and blizzard of graphics employed, without irony, by newscasts, Stewart never copped to grandiose claims for what he was up to.

meeting every morning is an explicit discussion of what going on in the world, he declared in a 2004 interview with The Associated Press. fake ids then the rest of the day is spent trying to hide that under layers of fart jokes.

only honor the distinction between real and absurdly fake, he said, then grinned. WE are absurdly fake.

Still, he was sharply attuned to America many wrong turns, how its leadership and media routinely let the country down. In 2010, he and fellow Comedy Central fake news host Stephen Colbert even organized a rollicking to Restore Sanity and/or Fear that drew tens of thousands to Washington National Mall.

Americans, said Stewart in one of the telecast more serious moments, do things every day that are only made possible through the little, reasonable compromises we all make. fake id maker online

Americans do work together to get things done, insisted Stewart.

only place we don is here, he said, pointing behind him at the Capitol, on cable TV.

it be nice if people who jumped to conclusions and peddled a false, divisive, anger stoking narrative had to apologize for misleading America? mused Stewart last March in reference to a certain cable news network.

On Aug. 6, Stewart, now 52, will step aside, making way for Trevor Noah, a 31 year old stand up comic from South Africa, to manage this nightly reality check as the nation dives headlong into the 2016 presidential election cycle. best fake id sites

Maybe Stewart has concluded things are crazier than ever. And, after all, how much crazy can one man comb through night after night, searching for laughs, and retain his own sanity?

In June, as he reflected on the mass shootings in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, there were no laughs to be had.

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